What Can I Compost?

What Can I Compost?
Almost EVERYTHING! If it came from the ground, it can go back to the ground! The more ingredients and more variety, the better!

Food: peels, cores, leafy ends, wilted veggies, egg shells, apple stuff, orange peels, bananas, breads, moldy stuff, coffee / tea leftovers.
meat, dairy (yogurt, milk, cheese), bones, oily oily stuff ONLY IF YOU’RE TURNING YOUR COMPOST A LOT!

Yard: grass clippings, weeds, leaves, small sticks, dead plants, firepit ash, straw, hay

Animal manures and bedding: bunny, guinea pig, chicken, horse, cow, goat, sheep, pig, donkey, human… SHOULD ALL BE WELL-COMPOSTED BEFORE USE!
dog and cat manures should be composted separately and used on ornamental plants, shrubs, trees

Other: cardboard egg cartons, newspapers, cereal-type boxes, pizza boxes, cardboard, leaf bags, coffee cups / filters, milk & juice cartons

You can sift/pick out any plastics that are leftover, later!

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