Ways to Compost

•Bins – holds everything together while it breaks down – outside
mini-pallet system
garbage can missing bottom
green wire fence
pickle barrel – roller/tumbler

•Fling-method – I’ve seen my brother, Bill, do this. He takes any leftover food that his family won’t eat and flings it into an uncut section of the back yard. This enables all large animals first access, and all smaller critures the remains. My brother is a bit unorthodox with his composting!

•Pit – dig a hole a foot down and start your pile there, saving dirt you dug out to add incrementally; or bury it! – outside

•Sheet – spread materials thinly over garden bed or other piece of land and till them in – outside

•Spot / Posthole – like trench, only in small “spots” around the garden, dug with a post-hole-digger – outside

•Trench – dig a trench around the garden bed, fill with compost materials and cover with dirt; plant roots will come find the food – outside

•Vermiculture – Worm Bins! acquire or build bin, obtain red worms (from your outdoor compost, or from a local farmer’s compost or order online), feed them kitchen scraps and newspaper – inside or outside

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