The quick and dirty while I’m rebuilding the website:

  • build a compost bin at your house
  • mow your lawn and put the clippings in the compost
  • trim  your shrubbery, hedges
  • weed, weed, weed, I pull weeds…
  • light chainsawing
  • reseeding your grassy areas
  • delivering delicious compost
  • delivering topsoil, why not?
  • laying down a patio
  • building a chicken coop
  • building your garden bed
  • installing easy fences

9 Responses to “Services”

  1. Sharon Lovett-Graff says:

    Please contact me regarding improving ouR composing efforts at home.

    Also, maybe you’d like to do a program at Mitchell Library in the Westville section of New Haven? Tis the season.
    Library contact info: 203-946-8117
    Sharon Lovett-Graff

  2. Martha Deeds says:

    Please provide me more information as to your organic compost / topsoil delivery. What is your compost composed of? Is it pH tested?

    Will you deliver to Bantam/ Litchfield?

    What are your prices?

    Thank you,

    Martha Deeds

    • lexywilcox says:

      hi martha,
      i get the compost from common ground high school in new haven, ct. it is not pH tested. it is comprised of cafeteria scraps, barnyard animal bedding, leaves and woodchips.

      i can deliver to you, but it’s far away, which increases the cost. one yard is only $25. but the delivery is approximately 85 miles round trip, so mileage plus time = $98. you’re only 50 – 60ish miles roundtrip to any of the following:

      is freund’s farm closer to you (east canaan), laurelbrook (east canaan), mcenroe’s (in millerton, new york). and mcenroe’s totes themselves as organic, even if the other two don’t.

      i hope this has been helpful, if somewhat delayed!

      good luck!

  3. Peter Sparks says:

    So, a few questions. I am planning a new raised bed vegetable garden, 2 4×8 beds, 11″ high. Would I want all soil or a mix of soil and compost? I need 54 cu. ft. (I think)

    • lexywilcox says:

      you want a mix of topsoil and compost. 2 yards (54 cubic feet) is perfect. in my experience, 1 yard fills a 4×8 food bed. when i say fill, that means that there’s still room in the top of the bed for adding a bit of compost as a soil amendment year after year. current research says 1/8″ of compost per year to amend the soil. more than that and you will likely create a phosphorous runoff into your local water ways and cause algae blooms…

  4. Stephanie says:


    i just moved to the New Haven area and was wondering if there are any food scrap drop off sites for composting. Please let me know if you are familiar with any sites.


  5. Deep says:

    Took some pics of your ‘Duck Truck’ parked on Chestnut Ln @ Sleeping Giant today. I own an orange HHR & hike there quite a bit. You probably seen it. Cheers!

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