Newspaper & Leaves are the Answer

Along with shredded junk mail and Starbucks coffee grounds.

What, you may ask, is the question? The question is “Where do I get enough ‘browns’ to layer into my winter compost?” Browns are the compost additives that aren’t “fresh” fruit and veggie scraps. They are the bits that cover up the fresh stuff so the critters can munch in comfort. Browns are the carbon source for your compost. The “fresh” stuff are the greens that are the nitrogen source for the compost. The nitrogen makes the compost HOT. The carbon additions are needed to balance the end result.

That being said, go get your neighbors’ leaves and stash them next to your compost bin. Stop off at Starbucks and ask inside for their used coffee grounds. You may also go directly to their dumpster and sling your kids in their to push out the bags of grounds. It’s always fun to watch the kids try to climb out! 😉 Actually I get the grounds out of the dumpster myself, usually by balancing my midriff on the edge of the dumpster.

Ask your neighbors with paper shredders to donate their shreds to your cause. It’s all good!

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