Lasagna Composting

Assemble a frame (pallets are usually free) or acquire a compost bin of some sort…

Set frame or bin in a convenient location, in contact with the ground.

Throw in your food scraps, cover them with leaves or newspaper.

Throw in more scraps (grass clippings!), cover them with leaves or newspaper.

Throw in a layer of food, a layer of grass clippings, and an open pizza box.

Basically you add your materials in layers, keeping in mind that the top layer should hide all the food and yard additives.

You can add a little stuff at a time, or a whole bunch at once. It will break down and settle lower in your receptacle so you can add more layers to your Compost Lasagna!

DON’T EAT THE COMPOST! Grow tasty veggies with it, then eat THOSE!

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  1. Andrea Esposito says:

    Help! When can you busy gals come over? Thanks Andrea

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