How Do I Compost?

1. Designate an area in your yard for a compost pile, or bin – not too far from the door, yet near the garden.

2. Collect kitchen scraps – in bowl, tupperware, bucket, etc…
2. Mow lawn with bagging mower.
2. Collect leaves – from your own yard or your neighbor’s bags.
2. Run your paper shredder like there is no tomorrow.

3. Follow instructions that came with bin. OR
3. Dig Hole in designated area or existing pile.

4. Dump in scraps.

5. Layer with dirt, grass, leaves, cardboard, brown paper bags, whichever you have.

6. Chop together with shovel or stir with pitch/hayfork.

7. Cover chopped mixture with dirt or leaves, whichever you have more of.


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