Worm Bins

My favorite bin is the Gusanito… it’s the square version of the round bin I bring to programs. It comes in black or green. As with most things spigoty with worms, sand, water and/or children… My friend Rebecca says, “The spigot clogs and the whole thing leaks from time to time – out the leg, I think. ”

The Can-O-Worms, also known as the bin I bring to programs, is a good idea with bad execution. The legs on it are really flimsy and fall out. It gets knocked over easily when in the bunny yard or chicken yard when the animals scratch up the soil around the legs looking for insects to eat or a cool place to lay down. Also, the spigot for removing water from the bottom tray fills with sand, from the freggies you toss in the bin, and is useless.

Then there’s always the Do-It-Yourself worm bin. Not as pretty, not as contained, not as expensive!



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