“The Duck Truck” was hatched in April 2009. It IS a 2004 Toyota Tacoma with over 140 ducks and almost as many bumper stickers! This Duck Truck lives in Connecticut but has traveled extensively around the United States, with a dabble in Canada.

It all started back when I had a regular 9-5 job and would bicycle, rollerblade, or jog to work… I would find a sad, lonely  duck in the gutter, on the side of the road, and I would pick it up and stuff the poor, little duck into a pocket.

Before I knew it there were seven or eight of ’em sitting on my kitchen counter until I got tired of looking at them. So I asked them, “Where do you want to go?”

Of course they chorused, “THE BATHTUB!”

“No way!” I replied, “But I have an idea…”

And I used regular, ol’ Krazy Glue brand glue to stick ’em on the hood of the truck.

Well! Once you stick a rubber duck on your truck, you become a collector, through no conscious intention. People pull ducks out of the woodwork, their kids’ toyboxes, prize boxes for raffles and all other manner of stashedness to give you their ducks!

So, The Duck Truck can be considered a rolling orphanage for ducks. The unauthorized adoptions are plentiful, most recently more’n 15 ducks went missing in one parking space, sad, but true! Fortunately, I have plenty more to take their places!