3-Bin Pallet System

Three-bin pallet system

Clearly I’m no professional with the computer, but this rudimentary diagram should suffice!

  • The beauty of the pallet system is the you can start with square #1.
  • Make yourself a nice box, using pallets from your local supermarket or music store, or wherever!
  • FILL it using the Lasagna Method. Every time you add food scraps, cover them with leaves or torn up newspaper or pizza boxes.
  • Then attach square #2 to the side. Fill IT using the lasagna method, but this time, cover it with the contents of square #1.
  • When #2 is full, #1 will probably be empty, so you will now go back and start filling #1. This time, when that’s full, let it sit. Let It Rot (by Stu Campbell)!
  • Go on your merry way refilling #2. When “it cain’t hold any more, captain!” add square #3 and start filling it, with your scraps and the cover material from #2.
  • Fill #3. Then go back to filling #2. When it’s full again, let IT sit and let IT rot and just fill #3.
  • By now you ARE a professional composter and when #3 is full, you KNOW that #1 is ready to be used on your plants, shrubs, trees and gardens, so… Empty that where you need it and start filling up #1 again!
  • Repeat entire process using cover material from #3 when you’re filling #1 this time.

Created for you by Alexis Wilcox at www.ducktruckcomposting.com 203-494-8342

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