Available Harvest July 22

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harvesting tuesday july 23. holler if you want: kale, cukes, collards, chinese cabbage, turnips, potatoes, chard

so here’s the wonder of it all…
we’ve been tilling, planting, tending, growing and managing all these crops in chester, ct at deep hollow farm, but have recently discovered that, due to insurance hangups, we will be unable to SELL the food at the chester farmers’ market, despite having paid the annual fee (we thought we were going to market! who knew that a little thing like insurance would hold us back!).
so now, we have enough food growing to satisfy the market niche, but no actual market to attend. here’s the part where you come in…
we’re trying to sell veggies, by day-of delivery, on our way home from chester on any given harvest day. we’re trying to stay mostly within the chester to new haven/Hamden ride home, so as not to use excessive amounts of fuel to bring healthy goodness to our framily!
so, would you be interested in being contacted, by text or phone, on harvest days, with the goods we’ve got? we arrive at your place (or you arrive at ours), weigh what you want, and go on our merry way!
and tell your friends! esp ones in chester and deep river!
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Save our soil, save ourselves

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“[T]he next time someone facilely insists that the ‘industrial farms are the future,’ ask what the plan is regarding phosphorus,” Mother Jones writes. “Developing an agriculture that’s ready for a phosphorus shortage means a massive focus on recycling the nutrients we take from the soil back into the soil—in other words, composting, not on a backyard level but rather on a society-wide scale.

It also requires policies that give farmers incentives to build up organic matter in soil, so it holds in nutrients instead of letting them leach away… Both of these solutions, of course, are specialties of organic agriculture.” – http://bit.ly/13oJX2D

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