And a Good Time was Had by All…

Posted on 8th November 2012 in Uncategorized

…at the Bethany Land Trust compost program tonight! 28 folks braved the post-weather roads to hang out at the Lakeview Lodge and be regaled with more compost info than they bargained for! One guy even mentioned “THAT was worth coming out here tonight!” Don’t remember which useful tidbit it was, it might have been my revealing to him that he is a SHEET COMPOSTER. He replied that by composting his sheep’s contributions that he’s a SHEEP SHEET COMPOSTER. Then he added that if it weren’t for the presence of the girl scout troop, he’d have a PG-13 way to describe what he’s really got goin’ on, as in he’s a “SHEEP SH*T SHEET COMPOSTER.” We played with worms, discussed the social lack of acceptance of Humanure Composting, talked about compost varmints and made compost cups! Here are some lovely pics of the evening, and the construction of a compost cup! Thanks to Joshua Dembsky for inviting me to teach!

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