PVC Tube Composting… Posthole Composting

Posted on 29th October 2012 in Uncategorized

PVC Tube Composting

I think this is a pretty way to extend posthole composting in your garden bed. Posthole composting (similar to trench composting) is when you bury your scraps in holes dug with a posthole digger. It’s a more immediate and direct way to get some nutrients into your soil. However! Quick compost is not the best compost. The longer compost sits and cures the higher its antibiotic properties. YES! It appears to be a great dog-proof way to compost some food items. But, you have to look at the big picture and decide how rich you want your compost to be. Also, worms LOVE cooked food, it’s easier for them to eat. So I take issue with the statement in the article “But if you’re familiar with composting, you know that not every food item can go into it. No onions, avocados, citrus, or cooked food.” ALL food can be composted. My worms always destroy the abovementioned foods in their worm bin. Not first, because they prefer cantelope and other sweet things. But the do eventually get around to EVERYTHING! Have no fear, Duck Truck Composting friends, you know I’ll be installing one of these as a test tube and sharing my experience!

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