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Try this KABOCHA SQUASH recipe on for size. Using spices you already have with soy sauce and sesame oil. http://www.food.com/recipe/sweet-spicy-roasted-kabocha-squash-454300



MAY 13, 2017, 10 AM to 2 PM


(Limited availability of each, come early)
BASIL: Genovese, purple opal, dolce vita, Siam queen, lemon
CABBAGE: bilko (napa-ish), Farao green, red express
CAULIFLOWER: snowball, cheddar, skywalker
CUCUMBERS: bush champion, gherkin, lemon, marketmore, picklebush, homemade pickles, Soyu Japanese, straight eight
EGGPLANT: black beauty, rosa Bianca
KALE: dwarf blue, lacinato (aka toscano), red winter, kailaan (Chinese)
MELONS: honeydew, cantaloupe
PEPPERS: HOT-ish: ancho, cayenne, habanero, hidalgo, Hungarian hot wax, jalapeño; NOT-HOT: California wonder, purple islander, nardello
PUMPKINS: Jack-O-Lanterns
SQUASH: kabocha, butternut, delicata, autumn crown, luffa gourd, blue ballet Hubbard, Lakota, spaghetti, dunja green zucchini
SUNFLOWERS: mammoth, strawberry blond, tithonia
TOMATOES: SLICERS: ace, new girl, Valencia, yellow perfection; CHERRY: black, indigo, red, sungold; PLUM: Amish, Monica, Roma, san marzano

Southern loving! We ARE selling OKRA plants at the seedling sale! Here’s a mouth watering recipe for you to salivate over!



Hopefully we’ll be selling yummy radishes at the Organic Seedling Sale on Saturday, May 13, on Colonial Drive in Hamden! 




Photo by Michelle Patenaude

Look  for our sign on COLONIAL DRIVE:


We’ve gotten in our shipment of organic seeds and have started growing them in our furnace room. We don’t need no stinkin’ greenhouse! That being said, we will have a variety of tomatoes, peppers, eggplant, basil, kales, cukes, sunflowers, etc… Available for purchase Saturday, May 13, 2017, from 10 AM – 2 PM at 124 Colonial Drive, Hamden. Feel free to email me at alexis@ducktruckcomposting.com with any questions.

Today’s tip, June 22, 2016: It’s pretty dry out there! Make sure your compost pile has some moisture in it! Toss in a bucket of water when you’re tossing in your bucket of kitchen scraps!!!

Seedling Sale, Sunday, June 5, 2016

Come on out and pick up your kale, tomatoes, basil, cosmos flowers, peppers, and oregano! Also available for sale ready-to-eat radishes, bok choy, kailaani (Chinese kale).

Happy Blizzard! We’ve just gotten our microgreen and pea shoot seeds to start in our grow room. You only need an inch and a half of soil and a sunny spot to grow little bits of yummy through winter!

January 2015 is already HERE!!! The Duck Truck will be at Daisy Ingraham School in April and the Ansonia Nature Center (ANC) in May. So you may see it driving through YOUR town! Please feel free to join us at the ANC for a DIY Rain Barrel workshop! More details to follow!

upcoming at van wilgen’s kids klub we’ll be doing a pumpkin based program… i’m thinkin’ along the lines of stone soup! october 11, 2014.

we also just taught a couple lessons for van wilgen’s kids klub relating WHY the world is NOT covered in tomato plants and that all our food and some of our clothes come from DIRT! you really should listen to the banana slug string band’s dirt made my lunch.

recently had a funtastic time at new haven farms! i met some cool kids who knew a lot more about compost than most of the kids i teach! it makes sense, though, they’re at a farm! we talked about worms, we talked about composting large animals, we talked about cleaning out the refrigerator! we read diary of a worm, but, sadly, did not get to read there’s a hair in my dirt! both books are highly recommended.

got trees down? i’ll bring my log splitter to your place and turn them into firewood for ya! Call Alexis – 203-494-8342

this year’s GREEN EXPO and CT FOLK FESTIVAL was a raging success, from the perspective of WASTE MANAGEMENT. this year we put together a strong team of volunteers to help the patrons decide what to do with their “garbage.” we learned that some people didn’t know that water bottles, and bubbly beverage containers are worth $0.05 each, if you return them. we learned that some people didn’t know you could compost paper. it blows my mind!

we’ve been delivering van wilgen’s compost, with happy results, all season! fall is a good time to get a load of new compost on your plants to give them a boost to help them through winter! Call Alexis – 203-494-8342.

really bummed that common ground’s compost is unavailable and the machine is broken at the hamden transfer station.
so your options are:
van wilgen’s compost $50 a yard before unknown delivery charge, http://www.vanwilgens.com/default.aspx.
dirt guy topsoil at $24 a yard, but $65-$120 delivery.http://dirtguytopsoil.com/topsoilprice.htm
i’ve had two customers complain about grillo’s in milford.

Yep! We had a grand ol’ time at the CT NOFA Winter Conference. We had 22 peeps turn up to learn something about the way we compost. We shared ideas and information.

We realized that we know of a lot more Compost Companies than I thought we did! Collin’s out of Enfield, McEnroe’s out of Millerton, NY, Grieder’s out of Deep River (no website, search for Bob Grieder), Freund’s and Laurelbrook in East Canaan, Compost CT in Guilford, Common Ground in New Haven, Hamden Transfer Station,  and Harvest New England out of Farmington, Ellington and Fairfield (formerly known as GreenCycle).

Also… tip from Domingo Medina, microwave your tomato scraps and banana peels before putting them in your worm bin to kill the fruit fly eggs that will otherwise take over your home, office or school in a swarm if left unchecked!

Also… we had a discussion about certifying compost as organic. So after our program we went to the Baystate Organics vendor at the conference and Don told us that compost can’t be certified organic, it can be “approved for use with organic crops.”

And… lastly, once I got home I did a tiny bit of research about the dioxin question. To paraphrase the question ‘what about the dioxins that can be released by the bleach in the paper products?’ Though my research is FAR from complete, dioxins are released by “any process in which chlorine and organic matter are brought together at high temperatures can create dioxin” (Johnson, 1995). So it may be that backyard composters probably don’t reach temperatures high enough to cause this reaction. A quick read at the above link indicates temperatures associated with incineration.

Join DTC at CT NOFA’s 32nd Annual
Winter Conference

Saturday, March 1, 2014
Western Connecticut State University
Danbury, CT
8:30 am to 5:00 pm
Local and Organic Since 1982!

Super excited! Just signed up for CT NOFA’s Getting Started in Organic Farming Conference! It’s nice having a farm to do some hands-on learning with!

Alexis & Dana are presently learning learning learning A LOT in CT NOFA & HMI’s Beginning Women Farmer Program! Perhaps they’ll share what they learn during one of your encounters!

After the Expo…

This year, on Sept 7, Dana and I were in charge of the waste management of the Green Expo and CT Folk Festival at Edgerton Park in New Haven. Overall it was a GREAT day! I’m most pleased with the wonderful behavior of my canine companions during set-up of “waste” sorting stations and on-going separation and collection practices throughout the day. The dynamic duo of Griswold and Gracie are welcome to help me work (almost) any gig!

13 bags of trash + 2-4 bags left beside Edgerton Park garbage cans when vendors cleaned up after I’d already put “away” the sorting stations.

4 bags of compost, but i stuffed one inside another at the end so john’s only picked up 3.

4 bags of nickel bottles and cans [which were subsequently stolen from in front of my house, from in the shrubs under the living room window!!! – less work for me to return them :-)].

 7 bags of non-returnable recyclables.

1 cubic yard cardboard materials (Ashley’s ice cream boxes went into my compost pile at home because the sugar and the milk are a GREAT kickstart for the microbes in the compost pile. Pizza rounds and all other boxes collected went into a garden path, under woodchips, to become worm fodder on Deep Hollow Farm in Chester, CT).

It took 24.25 woman-hours to manage the “waste”-stream at the event, with only 2 hours beforehand spent making some of the signs. So 26.25 hours total. I don’t yet know how many people attended the event.

So each sorting station had 3 cans, one for trash, one for compost, and one for recycling. But, we actually had 5 sorts going on at each station. Those three, plus nickel bottles/cans and cardboard. So we need another small barrel for bottles/cans and another container size/style for cardboard; I’m picturing something rectangular-ish and flat-ish that would encourage vendors flatten their cardboard first. Any ideas?

If you’ve visited here before you may have read my “waste” rant… I say “waste” because clearly it is not!

15-17 bags of “trash” versus 15 bags of “other” PLUS one yard of cardboard = less than half was true “waste.” Yay for the GREEN Expo!


Save our soil, save ourselves:

“[T]he next time someone facilely insists that the ‘industrial farms are the future,’ ask what the plan is regarding phosphorus,” Mother Jones writes. “Developing an agriculture that’s ready for a phosphorus shortage means a massive focus on recycling the nutrients we take from the soil back into the soil—in other words, composting, not on a backyard level but rather on a society-wide scale.

It also requires policies that give farmers incentives to build up organic matter in soil, so it holds in nutrients instead of letting them leach away… Both of these solutions, of course, are specialties of organic agriculture.” – http://bit.ly/13oJX2D

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Call 203-214-8417 NOW for your freshly shredded, non-dyed, blonde woodchips. $25 if you bring your own truck, more if delivery required!

Call 203-214-8417 NOW for your firewood! $200/cord, delivered.

Keep your eyes peeled for The Duck Truck somewhere near you! More than likely you’ll notice the truck driving around with compost, from Common Ground, making deliveries in and around New Haven and Hamden. Will travel further, just say the word!